88 Vodka

88 Vodka, the Super Premium Spirit of undisputable quality.


A Citrus Styled Vodka which has been nurtured for exceptional taste and quality by our Master Distiller, using his experience, passions and the finest ingredients available.

This fantastic combination has resulted in a Super Premium Vodka which is so clean in flavor it mesmerizes the taste buds.


With an incredible smoothness, 88 Vodka can be enjoyed straight, over ice, blended to suit with any mixer or by spirit loving mixologists to make mouth-watering cocktails.

88 Gin

88 Gin is the second in our collection is a Pink Grapefruit Citrus style Super Premium Gin with delicately balanced botanical that burst with flavour when complimented with the perfect serve.

Jillions Gin

Jillions Gin is a Super Premium Spirit based on our much loved auntie who worked during WW2 at Bletchley Park and created this style Herbaceous Gin which blends perfectly with cucumber or fresh herbs.

Mis Amigos

Our flavoured agaves are mixed with Distilled Chocolate, Lime and Arabica Coffee the provide a drinks range that stimulates your taste buds without the terrible cheap alcohol burn that is experienced by so many and too offer.

We are currently launching just three lines but working on another 3 flavoured tequilas as well as currently producing out 100% Agave Blanco,100% Reposado,100% Anejo and 100% Extra Anejo.

Why not arrange to visit us to arrange a complimentary tasting session and experience our full range of lines.