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Mis Amigos - Chocolate Cream (LIMITED EDITION)

Flavoured tequila
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Mis Amigos - Chocolate Cream (LIMITED EDITION)

Flavoured tequila


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Limited Edition Mis Amigos line - Strawberry & Chocolate cream!

Country: Mexican Spirit
Distillery / Brand: Mis Amigos
Bottler: Mis Amigos
Alcohol: 25.0%
Volume: 70cl

Whilst in Mexico on business searching for something, though we did not quite know what, we discovered a family run distillery making their own Agave/tequila spirit. The family invited us to eat lunch with them and we soon discovered their passion and energy for natural ingredients and enthusiasm for all things in nature were so similar to ours we could have been related, and maybe were in another life. As well as growing and nurturing their spirit drinks in harmony with nature, they had a philosophy we shared, that if all things in the universe were allowed to grow well, each society would become a community of affluence. We hope this view will encourage governments and the people of the world to take good care of nature, then nature will take good care of us.


This was the birth of Mis Amigos (My Friends) Tequila and Agave.  They are exceptional drinks. We have followed our roots in nature and flavoured this range of drinks with traditional Mexican Ingredients, all ethically grown and produced in accordance with keeping harmony and balance in nature. We have started the collection with chocolate Agave/Tequila, chocolate and lime Agave/Tequila and coffee Agave/Tequila. These superbly smooth spirit drinks are a testimony to the love and desire shared between ourselves and the growers who have shown a desire to not only produce a beautiful drink but also the courage to hold back from the insatiable human desire of over exploiting natural resources purely to make material gains.


These phenomenal flavours have now been joined by Chocolate Cream Tequila and Strawberry Cream Tequila, the 2 new and exciting additions to the range.


Enjoy these fabulous Tequilas as a shot or over ice. They are truly incredible and are on a journey to provide happiness to all who taste them.

Dangerously Good

“This is the best Tequila I’ve ever had!! I wish my local supermarket stocked it…I could just drink it with Ice!!”

Game changer

“A pleasure to drink, hard to believe it’s a tequila because it’s so yummy”