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Mis Amigos Chocolate & Lime

Flavoured tequila

Mis Amigos - Chocolate & Lime

Flavoured tequila


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Chocolate, lime and agave, all under one roof! OK, well, not actually a roof, but all in one bottle, at least. You get what we're on about. Yes, this is another intriguing concoction from the Mis Amigos range, build around an agave spirit and combined with some rather decadent flavours.

Country: Mexican Spirit
Distillery / Brand: Mis Amigos
Bottler: Mis Amigos
Alcohol: 25.0%
Volume: 70cl

We are looking to educate the bars and venues we work with, so that tequila is moving away from the unpleasant experience that most people associate it with.

Forget the Salt and Lime, drink a well-balanced tequila that has been distilled with passion and smoothness with authentic Mexican Flavours like Chocolate, Chocolate & Lime and Coffee to make a spirit drink/liqueur that can be sipped long and/or over ice.

Dangerously Good

“This is the best Tequila I’ve ever had!! I wish my local supermarket stocked it…I could just drink it with Ice!!”

Game changer

“A pleasure to drink, hard to believe it’s a tequila because it’s so yummy”