Our Story

G&I Spirit Group has been founded by a group of bar owners who are passionate about customer services and the upsell of their products.

Our philosophy is to pass on, through our Upsell Programme, super premium spirit drinks that can be a unique flavour enhancing experience, giving our customers a greater character based refreshment.

It is through this continued philosophy that over a period approaching two years we have developed, with a master distiller in the UK, a line of two distinct super premium gins, a super premium vodka and three uniquely flavoured Agaves. We will continue to expand our Spirit Group range by introducing additional flavours and new product lines.

Mission Statement

We passionately care about the employees and customers we work with on a day to day basis.

Below are the key points we aim to follow in this regard:

1) All our employees are treated as equals and given the respect we all deserve.

2) We encourage our teams to think ‘outside the box’ and strive to achieve goals above and beyond those which anyone ever expected them to achieve.

3) We aim to work with staff to educate them in ‘the ways of the street’; to be smart but firm and have the confidence to deal with any situation that may arise through work: dealing with suppliers, customers and everyday life.

4) We aim to give our company employees, from directors to warehouse staff, access to each other on a daily basis.

5) We aim to treat our customers with respect, to treat them like friends, which in time they will all become.

6) We aim to allow all customers access to the directors on a confidential basis.

7) Our aim is to leave customers with a smile on their face after they have received one of our products.

8) We promise that, if for any reason you have an issue, it will be looked into and resolved in what we would consider to be in the long term benefit of our working relationship in a fair, transparent and timely fashion.

We are G&I Spirit Group Ltd.

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