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88 GIN

Citrus Burst in every sip

88 Gin

Citrus Burst in every sip


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 Citrus Burst in every sip. Super Premium Gin designed with botanicals plus pink grapefruit to give it the zest of life. Perfectly served chilled with tonic and slices of blood orange and lime. Why not throw in a few juniper berries to finish it off.

Country: English Gin
Distillery / Brand: 88
Bottler: 88
Alcohol: 40.0%
Volume: 70cl

Named after the Infinity Symbol.  Designed for an eternity of everlasting love of perfection and empowerment to have a life balanced with nature, to let everything grow in accordance with its own way and therefore let nature be itself; to offer good luck with love and life with no beginning and no end. May this continue with you forever in eternity.


Cleansing in mind and body ‘88’ can be endlessly satisfying. Accompany with slices of orange, pink grapefruit, lychee or any manner of citrus fruit.  Excellent to mix but smooth on its own over ice as a luxurious sipping spirit.


“WOW, this Gin is our houses new number 1, it’s so smooth and refreshing and possible the nicest gin I have ever had!”