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Jillions Gin

Gin with a story


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 A light and beautifully crafted Gin which burst with Botanicals. Gentle but delicate and best served with long slices of cucumber and a sprig of Rosemary over lots of ice to keep it chilled. A Super smooth Super Premium Gin.

Country: English Gin
Distillery / Brand:  Jillions
Bottler: Jillions
Alcohol: 40.0%
Volume: 70cl

Named after our much loved auntie, Margie Jillions.  Family is important in every culture around the world; this tribute to her will ensure she lives forever, not only in our hearts but also in the subconscious of every person who enjoys her favourite tipple.  Margie Jillions was a true hero who helped save thousands of lives around the world during World War II with her work, first at Bletchley Park assisting with code breaking, and later in other clandestine operations. A true hero to humankind, she believed in love, kindness, health and happiness; she embodied the philosophy ‘treat everyone as you yourself would wish to be treated’.

As well as our Auntie, her mother, our Grand Mother was also a Suffragette at the turn of the previous century and onwards. As a family of strong women they truly believed in and were instrumental in equality across not only the sexes but also creed and colour, but their true focus was Empowered Women Empower Women.”

Treat this marvellous gin with respect.  Serve accompanied by cucumber and basil leaves or a sprig of rosemary for a time honoured memory to all heroes from a multitude of cultures.

A pure delight to drink

“Ordered this as I bought the 88 gin from the same brand and wanted to see the difference, they are very different and I love them both but this gin is very special, I feel like I’m drinking a part of history and feel proud to do so, very smooth and a real delight, almost gone already so will be re-ordering, what else do this company do?”


“This Gin is my new favourite…I was drawn to try it purely by the amazing Label full of surprise and my love for trying something new and I can tell you now this Gin didn’t disappoint, it has a lovely herbaceous richness paired perfectly with an ice cold tonic and slice of cucumber on a summers evening!”