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Strawberry Cream Tequila

Enjoy Strawberry Cream Tequila?

Sweet premium Mexican tequila has been distilled with premium British strawberries and soft cream to make this delicious Mis Amigos Strawberry Cream Tequila. The subtleness of the tequila still has the ability to carry a bit of a kick, whilst also being so smooth you can barely recognise the alcohol. At 15% ABV this premium spirit can be enjoyed as a shot on its own or topped with whipped cream.

As you can with all the Mis Amigos Tequilas, you can also sip this on the rocks or as a key ingredient in your new favourite cocktails. Our strawberry cream is a delight, shaken well with G&I Spirit’s 88 Vodka to make a Strawberry Shake with a Twist. Garnish with quartered strawberries. Blended by a Master, this Tequila, Strawberries and Cream is as sumptuous as a hot day at Wimbledon