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Can you make jello shots with strawberry tequila?

3rd September 2020

A jello shot is commonly made with vodka however it doesn’t mean it has to be, you can make jello shots with almost any hard liquor. Here at G&I Spirit Group we have a fantastic range of spirits on offer, one of them being G&I Spirit Group’s very own Mis Amigos Strawberry cream tequila. Our strawberry cream tequila is perfect on its own, as a shot, or even in jello shots. So if you were wondering the answer, yes not only can you make jello shots with strawberry tequila but they also taste amazing! 

How to make Strawberry tequila jello shots?

Making strawberry tequila jello shots can be very easy! To start, mix a small box of strawberry jello instant pudding with 240ml of milk, then stir in 180ml of Mis Amigos Strawberry Cream Tequila. Then fold in 225g of whipped cream then move the mixture into jello shot cups and store in the freezer.