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Which gin infusions are best and what flavours are available?

17th February 2020

The gin renaissance is now truly with us, with everything from gin advent calendars right through to hundreds of ‘best gin 2020’ lists and near-infinite guides to drinking gins.

But you don’t have to look too far to find the best gin and tonic or how the market for infused gins has grown over recent years.

Now, with new products coming to market, a gin infusion kit or a mixology degree isn’t needed to get the perfect flavour for a gin and tonic.

The G&I Spirit Group is working with a master distiller to make the best gins to avoid the ‘burn sensation’ that so often ruins gin cocktails.

88 Gin and Jillions Gin are two great additions to your drinking cabinet, with both flavoured gins a super-premium spirit to add class and a refined taste to your evenings.

Both are London dry gins perfect for world cocktails like a Gin Old Fashioned or a Tom Collins.

88 Gin is infused with pink grapefruit and offers a citrus burst in every sip. It can be served chilled with tonic and slices of blood orange and lime.

Jillions Gin is named after Margaret Jilion – the first woman to get into MI5 who ended up working at Bletchley Park cracking German secret codes. Infused with cucumber, it’s a unique recipe that even has ‘TOP SECRET’ on the label but it’s bursting with botanicals, light and super smooth.

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